About Me
I am a graduate student at Auburn University where I am pursuing both a PhD at the Biosystems Engineering Department where I am researching applications of machine learning and deep learning to agriculture problems and a MS in Data Science and Engineering at the Statistics Department. I have received my BS in Electronics Engineering and my MS in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

I have experience designing HW and SW for projects for the academia and the industry. More recently, I have been working on machine learning and deep learning for computer vision. I am currently working on projects that speed up breeding research trials using of deep learning as a tool for high-throughput plant phenotyping.

On my spare time I enjoy practicing martial arts.

Publications #

  • In-field Pine Seedling Counting Using End-to-End Deep Learning for Inventory Management
    Rafael Bidese Puhl, Yin Bao, Nina Payne, Thomas Stokes, Ryan Nadel, Scott Enebak. ASABE AIM2022
  • Phenotyping Agronomic Traits of Peanuts Using UAV-based Hyperspectral Imaging and Deep Learning
    Kamand Bagherian, Rafael Bidese Puhl, Yin Bao, Alvaro Sanz-Saez, Charles Chen, Phat Dang. ASABE AIM2022
  • Estimation of Equine Stride Length and Stance Duration Using Stereo 3D Videography and Deep Learning
    Nariman Niknejad, Jessica Caro, Rafael Bidese Puhl, Yin Bao, Elizabeth Steiger. ASABE AIM2022
  • Infield Peanut Pod Counting Using Deep Neural Networks for Yield Estimation
    Rafael Bidese, Yin Bao, Alvaro Sanz-Saez, Charles Chen. ASABE AIM2021
  • Phenotyping of Pine Tree Architecture with Stereo Vision and Deep Learning
    Mousumi Akter, Nariman Niknejad, Yin Bao, Rafael Bidese Puhl, Kitt Payn, Jingyi Zheng. ASABE AIM2021
  • Active RFID-based Telemetry System (pt-br)
    Rafael Bidese, Romano Weirich, Samir Bonho. Revista Ilha Digital 2018.
  • Ultra-wideband Joint Spatial Coding for Secure Communication and High Resolution Imaging
    Himanshu Aggrawal, Rafael Puhl, Christoph Studer, Aydin Babakhani. TMTT2017
  • Ultra-Wideband Pulse-Based Directional Modulation
    Himanshu Aggrawal, Rafael Puhl, Aydin Babakhani. IMARC2015 (Best Paper Finalist 4th place)

Preprints #

  • Temporal Leaf Matching of Maize Plants using a Siamese Neural Network and Hungarian Algorithm
    Rafael Bidese, Yin Bao, Lie Tang. TBD 2022

Patents #

  • Bareroot Tree Seedling Inventory Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning (provisional)
    Yin Bao, James L. Johnson, Bobby Bradford, Rafael Bidese Puhl

Awards and Honors #

AI-Driven Innovations in Agriculture, 1st Place Poster 2022
Envisioning 2050 in the Southeast: AI-Driven Innovations in Agriculture General Session 1st Place poster award with work on “In-field pine seedling counting using end-to-end deep learning for inventory management”
Google CS Mentorship Program 2021
Matched with other graduate students and a Google researcher to discuss academic and industry work.
Alpha Epsilon ASABE Honor Society 2021
Invited to join The Honor Society of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering. Offered to outstanding graduate students in biological and agricultural engineering.
CAPES Academic Excelence Scholarship 2015
Awarded a full scholarship that covered monthly stipend during the MS studies 2015-2017.
Science Without Borders Scholarship 2013
Awarded a full scholarship that covered tuition, transportation, necessary materials and living costs to study 2 academic semesters at Rice University.
NAMITEC-INCT and CNPq Research Scholarship
Awarded a full scholarship that covered monthly stipend during the BS studies 2010-2012.

You may reach me at: rafael at auburn dot edu